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Food and wine need each other. All lovers of fine cuisine know that food makes wine taste that much more exquisite. When a dish is accompanied by the appropriate rouge or blanc, the combination of harmonizing flavors attains a new dimension of taste that transcends either element on its own.

A good pairing typically makes you sigh with pleasure; an excellent pairing leaves you speechless. Though perhaps not other-worldly, such rare and perfect combinations draw us nearer to some aspect of paradise, much like a poem, a painting or an aria transports us to a place of boundless beauty.

Sensory indulgence is indeed the aim of our pairings.  French wines are among the best in the world to match with food, thanks to their pronounced acidity and subtle complexity.  They rarely overpower or overshadow; on the contrary, French wines accentuate and meld with the intricate nuances and flavors of your dish. 

We hope you enjoy perusing our recipe book and look forward to learning about your tasting experiences! Bon voyage....



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